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Money TV
Money TV
The longest running business television program of its kind, MoneyTV continues its tradition of profiling new and exciting emerging companies, both public and private.
MoneyRap Radio
MoneyRap Radio
MoneyRap Radio, a little on the edge, what happens to our money and what makes it disappear!
Global Financial
Global Financial
Global Financial News Minute with Donald Baillargeon, teaching investors 21st century metrics for valuing public companies.
Health This Week
Health This Week
Health This Week, with Don Baillargeon. People the world over are seeking alternatives to live longer and healthier lives. Science and technology have been joined by natural, holistic and spiritual methods.
Small Cap Expo
Small Cap Expo
The MoneyTV Small Cap Expo features CEOs of emerging companies meeting in an exhibit style trade show with the New York area financial professional community.
Facebook, YouTube and CNN iReport
Facebook, YouTube and CNN iReport
MoneyTV segments are also broadcast and archived from our various social networking sites online, such as Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.
E-Alert! Newsletter
E-Alert! Newsletter
More information and updates of your progress are detailed in our E-Alert! newsletter, emailed to our viewer/subscribers!

"Since Lucas Energy has been appearing on Money TV, We have gone from 550 share holders to over 2,000 and we have raised $7 million "

William Sawyer, CEO    Lucas Energy, Inc.

"Money TV may have been the single biggest trigger for this current run of interest
and boost to our share price. "

Ed Marshall, CEO     Medizone Intl., Inc.

"MoneyTV is a valuable and integral part of our effort to communicate our company story "

Tom Djokovich, CEO    XsunX, Inc.

"We launched our company awareness effort with MoneyTV and could not be
more pleased with results "

Ken Bean, CFO     Pediatric Prosthetics

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Featured Guest Appearance on MoneyTV, talking with Don about your company in detail.
National Press Release, Indexed to your company's quote as a news item.
Featured in MoneyTV E-Alert! to our subscribers

Second Week to Thirteenth Week

Company update appearance opportunities
Updates chronicled in national press releases and MoneyTV E-Alert!
3 Months of company coverage